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Don’t put up with pain!

Recognize it, understand it, change it

According to the 2007 study “Pain in Europe”, about 16 percent of the Swiss population suffers from chronic pain; in 32 percent of Swiss households at least one person is affected by acute or chronic pain.
Although pain is primarily a health-related problem, its negative effects on professional and private life may be so significant that it can ultimately also impair the quality of life. When this occurs, interdisciplinary pain therapy becomes imperative.

The cornerstones of effective pain therapy are:

  • Recognition: Comprehensive, symptom-based diagnostic measures
  • Understanding: Evaluation of the diagnostic findings by an interdisciplinary  team of specialists
  • Treatment: The patient plays an active role in determining and carrying out the therapeutic concept

According to international criteria, a Center for Pain Medicine represents the highest level of care providers for treating all types of pain. Thus, our Center offers extensive facilities, including both well-established and future-oriented methods, for evaluating chronic pain.

The combined expertise of our team of physicians, therapists, and nursing personnel creates a symbiosis of experience and techniques that leads to an optimal understanding of the individual pain problem.

Utilizing this information, a therapeutic concept is designed with the patient that is tailored to the particular needs of his or her complex problem and thus forms the basis for optimal motivation to carry it out. This positive energy enables the patient to assume an active role in his or her own treatment, which is essential to a successful outcome.

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